Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Language Study Method Resources

- a blog from a man who taught himself Japanese while he was in
university. If you look around the site he covers the things he did
which he feels made his efforts as successful as they were. One of the
big things I got from him was to focus on phrases.

- the Second Language Aquisition researcher in New Zealand. He writes
about studies he has done about effective language teaching
methodologies. The second link are his publications. I haven't managed
to get any of his books yet.

There is a book by Barry Farber called How to Learn Any Language. I've
read it a couple of times, but the public library doesn't have it and
I don't have a copy. He is very big on flash cards and learning in
your hidden moments. He says he always keeps some flash cards with him
and studies in line, or on the bus, or whenever he has a spare moment.



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