Monday, July 27, 2009

Language Learning Games

What to do to practice language input/output.

1. Have someone read the numbers in the L2 and then write them in numerical form. This is specifically aimed at over coming the trouble many people have negotiating in a market because the numbers don't come quickly enough.
2. 4/3/2 - documented by Paul Nation. Prepare a talk, then give the talk to 3 listeners. 1st listener for 4 minutes. No notes, no written queue cards. Just talk. This is not a vocabulary development exercise, this is a fluency exercise. After the talk, move to the next listener. Repeat the talk for 3 minutes. Move to the next listener. Repeat the talk in two minutes.
3. Circumlocution - or something like that. Basically talk around a word. Something like Taboo. This is a normal part of learning to speak a second language, you must be able to explain something when you don't know the exact word that covers it.

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