Sunday, August 2, 2009


Suppose to assist development of a good accent and fluency.

Detailed here:

Demonstrated here:

- walking swiftly, purposefully with good posture.

Steps of Shadowing. Each step is done several times, but really as many as you can, as long as it is still profitable.
- Blind Shadowing - no book, walking, listening, repeating.
- Reading & Shadowing - continue to shadow the material (listening, speaking L2), reading L1.
- Reading with your Thumbs - shadow and read with your thumb under the appropriate part of the L1 text, looking over to the L2 text whenever possible.
- now focused on the L2 text, flipping back to L1 text as you want for confirmation.
- Stay on the L2 text, even if uncertain. Now you are trying to keep your mind in the L2.
- Now, turn off audio, read and analyze the text.
- Read the text aloud.
- Writing the text.

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