Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Calgary Public Library

Location: Central Branch, Calgary Public Library, Calgary, AB, Canada
Local Time: Saturday, March 10, 2007

I think the Calgary Public Library is such an extra-ordinary place, I just want to comment on it.

So far I have only been to the Central Branch so far, so my observations can not be considered universal.

The librarians as so friendly, and helpful. I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia before coming here. The librarians there really manage to make you feel that you are only permitted in the building at their sufferance. Here, they like to help you, they take an interest. It's pretty extra-ordinary.

Of course they are also friendly people, but I'm beginning to realize that is just Calgary. The people here are so darn friendly.

The central branch is stocked with 6 glorious floors of fabulous, wondrous books. There is a small DVD section, but a significant music section. I'm starting to work my way through the classical guitar section. First Andres Segovia, not John Williams.

When you reserve a book, they tell you of it's arrival in the requested pickup branch, then you go there and all the reserves are on a shelf off to the side near the checkout counter. You can find your name and pickup your book. Much better than going up to a counter, waiting in line, then dealing with someone who looks at you like you really shouldn't be wasting their time.

My only complaint so far is they close at 5 on Friday night. 9 would be much nicer. However, since downtown Calgary only has 4-5 people in it, total, after 8pm, I can understand why they wouldn't have late hours.

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