Saturday, February 24, 2007

An Evening of Food and Drink

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada
Local Time: Friday Evening, February 23, 2007

I met my friend Wayne for a workout at the YMCA, then we went out for pizza at a place called the Urban Baker, on Edmonton Trail.

The two lovely young women who were working there graciously accommodated us and turned out 3 nice wood fired pizzas, even though it was about 10 minutes before closing time.

The pizzas were really tasty. Thin crust, but not crispy. One with feta cheese and spinach, one with sausage and one with chicken.

Next, down to Kenzington and 10 St. area for tea at a little tea place called Oolong. There you will find a wall of teas to choose from, all loose leaf in carefully labeled glass jars, available for sniffing. Roam the wall of infusions, roobios, white tea, black tea and green tea and make a selection.

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